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Welcome to Pro-Cleaning specialists in Cleaning Carpets, Chinese Oriental and Indian Rugs and Upholstery.

We use only the best equipment and solutions. Each piece of carpet is cleaned 4 to 6 times, with hot cleaning solutions it is pumped at a pressure of 85psi into your carpet, and then the Scrubba Tools vibrating brush scrub the carpets 300 strokes per minute, and directly after is extracted out two vacuum pumps delivering 140 inch water lift each, this removes 95% if the solution, this insures the very best cleaning and drying results possible.

The idea is to get the stain or dirt moving and then suck it out. A carpet that is wet has some of the solutions and dirt left in the carpet which is not good.

All carpets will be deodorised, this kills any germs and stops odours. This way of cleaning carpets is by far the best and is recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers.



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